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Paul Toffolo has been involved with Lettieri for more than 10 years and was one of the original franchisees in 1999 at the Hazelton Lanes location where he is today. Paul, speaking to potential franchisees says, "I was trained by John (Lettieri) back in the day and that training still exists." Paul sees the café business as one that is very consistent financially. He says, "It is a recession proof business. Everyone has a buck or two for a coffee. And coffee is something that Paul takes very seriously. Nicknamed "the Coffee Whisperer by some of his regulars Paul is known in the Yorkville area for making perfect espresso.

Ryerson Professor of Journalism, Tim Falconer is a regular at Lettieri and he says of Paul, "He (Paul) makes great espresso and he makes sure that every espresso served in his store is perfect." Paul says it best himself, a true fan of the Lettieri concept he replied that, "I consider good coffee an art form and we try to create the best possible espresso every time."


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