A blend of low-fat frozen yogurt, bananas, apple juice, and your choice of fruit:

Strawberry, rasberry, mango, blueberry, Kiwi

Supplement: for $1.50
Protein boost, Ginseng

Wheat grass

Non-dairy Smoothies

WHAT IS A NON-DAIRY SMOOTHIE? A Non-dairy Smoothie is a blend of real fruit juice, green tea, vitamin C and folic acid.

HOW IS IT MADE? A Non-dairy Smoothie starts with an infusion of filtered water, and green tea to which we add real fruit, vitamin C and folic acid. Each 16oz. serving contains 1/2 pound of premium quality fruit.

WHY IS IT FOR ME? A Non-dairy Smoothie tastes outrageously good. It provides quick energy and gives your brain a boost. It also has a full day's supply of vitamin C and folic acid.

Mango Mania Extremely Peach
Strawberry Bomb Wildberry Blast
Green Apple

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